Thursday, April 3, 2008

Siblings: In Sickness and in Health

Remember way back to 5 days ago when B was hospitalized? Well.. little did I know, his sister was also having her share of poking and prodding—hospitalized for a bad case of bronchitis.

I got this email this morning from our agency who's in Taiwan: "We did not get to see your little one, because they moved her to the hospital to avoid her getting worse with her bronchitus. She was put in the hospital ICU for the first day, then moved to regular ward and she has done better and better the whole time. I think she will be back at the nursery in another day. Don't worry, we had them call while we were there to get an update, they say she is fine now but want to keep her another day just to make sure she is perfectly fine."

Jeff and I thought the worst case was we'd have no court update but at least photos. Wow - we never expected they'd get halfway around the world and couldn't even see Lucy. It never ceases to amaze me how much this process can continue to knock the wind right out of me and leave me feeling helpless and just plain sad.

Our agency did say that given our extended case, SLC has agreed that we could come visit Lucy during the wait. While my first reaction is to drive to the airport, I have some serious concerns. Would that just hurt her development—showing her such love and cuddles and then leaving? Of course it's a huge expense and we don't know if we'd be going back soon after traveling but if I knew it was going to be another 6 mos., I'd feel like we should go.

Here's my question: to those of you who are/have adopted, what's the right thing when it comes to visits—would it help or hurt to go there? I've even considered going there to "foster" her while we wait. Could that even be possible—the Mac family living in Taiwan?

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