Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mom Outsmarted by 2-year-old

It was the moment I discovered I am SO not in control.

My 3-year-old was on the couch sick with a fever. My husband had just left for work. The doorbell rings.

As I run to the door with my 2-year-old, I see the pool repairman through the glass. Ugh, I forgot he was coming. I run outside to lock up the dogs so he can make his way to the pool in the backyard. As I run back to the porch with my bare feet on cold cement and sweats that I wouldn't be caught wearing even at the playground, I discover the front door is locked.


There's my 2-year-old peering through the glass giggling. When I say (as calmly as possible), "Honey, turn the handle and let Mommy in," he replies with, "Peekaboo, Mommy!"
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