Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Siblings Meet!

We made it home! Lucy was fantastic on the plane—she slept a lot of it. The car seat, however? She's not a big fan.

We came home to two excited boys (and an exhausted Nana). They planned a party, complete with princess decorations and a cake! We're all pretty jet lagged... in fact, she and Daddy are still sleeping...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yu-Ting's Law

We spent the morning at AIT getting Lucy (the artist formerly known as Yu-Ting) her visa (to go to the US, not shopping, of course). We arrived promptly at 7:45, handed over our cameras and phones to the very serious man at the counter, skipped through the metal detectors and zipped on up to the third floor. After a surprisingly non-stressful passing of the paperwork, we sat and waited an hour and a half for our turn to be interviewed.

During our wait, Lucy walked holding Daddy and Mommy's hand (big step from constantly being carried), smiled, laughed (I did it this time!), blew kisses, and actually kissed me! Jeff and I realized that if we kiss each other and then go in for one from her, she'll oblige.

Of course, the one place during our trip that no cameras were allowed--she decides to show her stuff. And, another funny thing happened at the American Institute in Taiwan... another adopting family--the gorgeous Emma and her parents--were waiting as well. I hadn't seen them sitting on the other side of Jeff until I heard, "is that Lucy?" -- yes, my little Internet star was spotted and recognized from the blog! I have to give Emma's mom, Eva, a shout out here. Nice to meet you today!

After that, we headed on over to meet Uncle Joe. Yes, an actual uncle! My brother-in-law (of 30+ years together with my sister) happens to be on business in Taipei. We were able to see him for a few minutes before his meeting. Guess who saw him and immediately wanted to be held? Yup, it's true.

After we met for a while, Lucy decided it was time to go and literally walked Jeff out to the car. Problem: it wasn't a taxi so Mommy and Daddy had to put the kibbosh on that.

We stopped off for a little lunch on the way back to our room. Man, that little one loves food! (hmmm... a temper, loves food--starting to sound familiar...)

Back at the room, things got a little hard for her... I think she really likes to be outside, experiencing all the things she's never seen. When we're locked in a room, she's reminded of how scary this all is for her. We try to comfort her but it just breaks my heart. I know I can't make it all go away but we're doing everything we can to let her know we love her and we're here for good. The silver lining... all that fussing leads to very restful naps.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Gaining a Daughter, Losing a Husband

OK, he's toast. Done. Wrapped around her tiny little finger.

I am SHOCKED at how well the first day has gone. As long as Lucy is with Jeff, she's OK. He held her while I fed her some dinner. (Hey, J/B - she eats VEGETABLES and FRUIT. You're next.) She will play little peek-a-boo games, although a little timid. She slept for an hour in the crib and then when she woke up, she wanted Daddy and slept with us all night -- half of it lying on his chest.

I woke up at one point (OK, 500 times to check on her) and she was rubbing my arm with her hand and when I looked at her, she waved to me. It was the cutest thing in the middle of the night!

I know we have a long road ahead and a lot of work to do before she's really OK, but I expected this day to be so much harder. I'm so proud of her. I know she's sad and confused by it all but she's such a strong little girl.

Maybe today she'll actually let me hold her.

More pics to come... I promise.

THE Post One Year in the Making...

She's ours! This has been the most breathtaking, life-changing (and exhausting) day EVER!

Where do I begin? We got to SLC at 10 a.m., along with Tami and Bobby. Around 10:15, there she was... WOW, she's even cuter than she was in May. I immediately offered her the bracelet of mine she liked to play with three months ago. She was happy about that. She was definitely overwhelmed and a little upset with the situation. In fact, there was only one thing that caught her attention and would soothe her instantly. Her Dad. It was UNBELIEVABLE. She lunged out of my arms and into his, and hasn't left them since.

We left SLC and took a cab back to the hotel for our things and onto the High Speed Rail. She did well as long as Daddy was holding her. And then, it happened. 5 hours after we were united, she gave her dad a big old smile and giggle. I think he may have melted.

We got to Taipei and checked in and she had a little nap.

She's the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen. I can't wait to get her home to her brothers.

And, for those of you still waiting--the reality is WAY better than the dream.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Last Breakfast

Haha... nothing gets by you guys! Yes, Jeff shaved the goatee. We figure Lucy sees very few men that a 6'5" hairy one could be pretty scary!