Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blog Happenings

The video for Song for Lucy has been seen over 2200 times on YouTube in the past week plus! Plus, I've seen it linked to on several blogs and even talked about on a China adoption message board. We are overwhelmed by the response!

Also, if you've sent me an email about our situation and whether we should visit Lucy or not... thank you! I'm having trouble with our outgoing server and sending emails. Sometimes it works... other times it takes hours—so please don't think I am not responding.

The caption contest is getting some hilarious replies! I am having fun reading the entries. Keep 'em coming! I will judge the responses this weekend so if you haven't commented with your entry, do it by Friday night.

The trip to Lucy looks like it's really happening! I have a lot of things to work out at home and such... but I will definitely let you all know when it's going to happen. I'll even be doing a daily video diary while I'm gone. The thought of holding our little girl in my arms is just too surreal. The idea of having to leave after seeing her is just something I can't even think about. So right now... I won't.

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