Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gifts, Lies and Birthday Cake

I had two cakes this year—one at work and an amazing homemade-by-my-boys version at home. Of course I used the candle-blowing wishes to our family's advantage. We'll see what happens...

If you're good at math, you may think this cake is perhaps a little "off." But did you know, you can tell your 2 and 3-year-olds that you're 29 two years in a row—when you haven't even seen 29 in a few years— and they won't even bat an eye?! (Try it if you don't believe me).

Guess what I got for my birthday?

Yes, these beautiful flowers (Thanks, Ry!) but also the cool new camera I took this pic with. Thanks to my boys! Now I'll have a good camera for our trip to Taiwan!

Speaking of Taiwan... it's looking like I'm going to visit Lucy soon. Jeff is going to stay with the boys and my friend Christine, who grew up in Taiwan her first 12 years, will make the trek with me. Details are being worked out so stay tuned...

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