Thursday, March 27, 2008

Don't Tell Him He's Not Asian

J is two months shy of his 4th birthday and has recently started taking classes in Mandarin. He's doing so well?he actually walked out of class last week (lesson 2) counting to 10. He's learned hi, bye, thank you, some animals & colors?he even sings a few songs in Chinese. It's the perfect time to take classes?at this age, they really nail the pronounciation. It amazes me. (of course the minute I turn the camera on, all interest in performing quickly goes out the window)
This photo is so perfect in showcasing J's personality. He really has a good sense of who he is and has started experimenting with his own "style." He'll seriously put on this outdoor vest and hat over his pajamas and hit the sack. I love that he wants what we wants and doesn't care what anyone thinks?I hope that continues.

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