Monday, March 17, 2008

Am I a Bad Mom?

A story I wrote for MomLogic is getting mixed reaction... what do you think?

Happy No Gift Day to You

Mom•Logic' s Jackie: For my son's 4th birthday, is it OK to forego the gifts?

When my son was a baby, a friend of mine mentioned she was going to put "no gifts" on the invitation for her child's first birthday. I thought that was totally wrong--her baby boy deserved to be celebrated and to deny him his gifts was just mean.

Flash forward a few years: I'm conflicted about the whole gift thing when it comes to my little guy's birthday. I think it's bad enough that between "friends" at preschool, the neighborhood and family friends--kids these days have birthday parties to attend every damn weekend--or so it feels anyway. But to expect the Moms of my son's classmates to run out and buy a present for my kid--who, by the way, the Mom barely even knows--it seems like asking a bit much.

Here's my plan: Close friends and family can absolutely share in the celebration with a gift, if they so choose. But I'm going to mention to those parents we barely even know that a donation to their favorite children's charity would be more than generous and truly appreciated.

Am I blazing a trail to changing the world or robbing my kid of his childhood?

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